Friday, November 16, 2007

My Daughter's Backpack

After my daughter drove me crazy nagging me about it, I finally finished this backpack for her tonight. She takes a gymnastics class at the YMCA on Friday evenings, and wanted a bag to take with her, so I made her this one. It’s loosely based on a pattern from the book ”Crochet Kid Stuff”. The book has awesome patterns for anyone who crochets for kids ages 6-12 (my daughter is almost 10), which is great, because I’ve found that crochet patterns for kids in that age group are few and far between. Baby and toddler patterns are so easy to find, but it seems like most crochet designers aren’t interested in creating for older kids.

About the backpack, the original pattern called for a ribbon yarn called “YLI Shoelace”, but the only place I could find it for sale was the manufacturer’s website, and they wanted $20 a skein! That was obviously out of the question, so I tried using some Moda Dea Ticker Tape I had at home. The Ticker Tape was too stretchy though, and even crocheted tightly, wouldn’t hold its shape, so I ended up using Bernat Glacier. Worked in single crochet with an “L” hook, the Glacier made a nice sturdy, thick fabric. The yarn is also very shiny and sparkly, which was a plus for a girly backpack.

Some ladies in my Sisters of the Thread group suggested that I line the bag, to keep anything from snagging the crochet and that I line or sew some ribbons to the underside of the straps, to keep them from stretching. Those are good ideas, but I have no sewing skills! I poked myself with the needle a few times just trying to sew the buttons on, LOL! I don’t own a sewing machine (and wouldn’t know how to use one anyway!), so that’s out of the question too. One day I might get up the courage to attempt a lining for the backpack, but for now my daughter will have to use it as is.

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