Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crochet Swap

I decided to sign up for a crochet swap on Crochetaholic’s Swap Blog.

As part of the sign-up, I have to post and answer the following questions on my blog, so here goes!

•My favorite colors... My favorite color is pink (all shades!), but I also like lavender, peach, coral, aqua blue, mint green, and red and burgundy shades. I'm not too fond of purple, bright yellow, or neutrals.

•My hobbies... Does eating chocolate count as a hobby? LOL! Seriously though, my hobbies are crochet, loom knitting (rarely though since I learned how to crochet), painting and stenciling wood items, and reading (crochet books/magazines and nonfiction about urban/social issues). I’ve only been crocheting since March, so I can’t do anything beyond beginner/advanced beginner type patterns yet (darn!). I also enjoy gardening.

•My kitchen theme and colors... A red & white 1950’s diner theme. I have a laminate-topped, chrome bottom 50’s look kitchen table with red & white vinyl covered chairs and cute red & white gingham curtains to match! I love 50’s stuff!

•My bathroom theme and colors... A dusty blue, yellow, and white rubber duck theme.

•My dislikes... Scratchy yarn (I can’t use that Red Heart Super Saver – too rough)! I also have a really difficult time crocheting with fluffy, furry, novelty yarns. I love them, but just can’t see my stitches in the yarn. I also dislike the "Boye" type crochet hooks - I find that they snag in my stitches. I prefer the "Bates" type hooks.

•What I like... I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate! I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I love hot chocolate. I love Italian and Mexican food. My favorite season is spring, and my favorite holiday is Easter. My favorite flower is pansies, but I also love all spring flowers (tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and hyacinths). I love old houses and historic architecture. I'm a true crime stories and history buff. I love jazz music. I always carry a lip balm with me (I have lip balms stashed in my purse, in my desk at work, around my house, etc), because my lips are constantly dry. My husband claims it's all in my head, but that's not true - they really are dry!

•My allergies... None, although I have a colon disease, diverticulitis, and have had two major surgeries to repair my colon after it ruptured from the disease, so I’m forever forbidden from eating nuts, popcorn, or seeds…sigh!

•My favorite pets... Cats!

•My favorite scents... Rose, lavender, lilac, chamomile, cotton/linen (yes, I know, cotton and linen don't actually have scents, but there's candles, lotion, etc. with those "scents", LOL!), baby powder, vanilla-y birthday cake scent.

•Other stuff about me... I work full-time, am a part-time grad student, and am a married mom of two kids.

I’m really looking forward to the swaps! Sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!


Sandytoo said...

Hi, Laura! I know you will enjoy the swaps...I really enjoy doing swaps with different groups.

And we have a few things in common. I dont like Red Heart Super Saver either. OR Boye hooks. Give me a Bates any day. :)

You are lucky you are finished all your gifts...I am STILL working on some...sigh.

Hope you have a terrific holiday!


Christina said...

Oooh, I totally feel you on the full time job, grad student, married with kids! What a job!!

I'm married with one kid, work full time and went to grad school part time too. Though it feels like forever, you'll finally finish. What are you studying?

knittyauntie said...

Hummmm... this really helps me to!

Crochetoholic Debb said...

Great list there Laura....It will help out your partner a lot. Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.