Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sorry, no crochet projects to show yet. I've been so tired and stressed out lately between work, school, planning my sister's bridal shower, and helping her with her wedding plans, and my husband working nights, that I haven't gotten a whole lot of crocheting done.

My daughter announced today that she joined the fourth grade book club at her school - they meet once a week at lunchtime. That made me really happy. I'm glad that she (and my son too) loves books. I'm glad that she's old enough now to read chapter books too. I read to her every night before bed, and right now we're working though the "Main Street" series by Ann M. Martin. The title sounds corny, but the books are very good. They deal with some pretty substantial topics for the 9-12 year old set - death, mental retardation, alcoholism, Alzheimers, but are sensitive to the age group of the readers. Ann Martin also wrote another book called "The Meanest Doll in the World" that my daughter and I both really loved. I just bought a previous book in the same series, "The Doll People" for Bethany and I to read after we finish up the Main Street book we're reading.

My son and I right now are enjoying the Veggie Tales' Mess Detectives books. He's totally obsessed with Veggie Tales. I'm just glad he likes them instead of that Barney my daughter loved when she was little, LOL! At least the Veggie Tales are cute without being sappy. We're really fortunate that the suburb we live in has a great public library. It has a whole room of children's DVD's and videos, with two shelves of just Veggie Tales ones, so Dominic is thrilled everytime we go there. I'm happy that the library has a big section of crochet books, and that they are always adding new books to it.

Anyway, to make up for a lack of crocheting photos, I do want to show this: A fellow Clevelander and crafty blogger, Gretchen, took some fantastic pictures of the full lunar eclipse we had tonight. I planned to look for the eclipse, but was helping my daughter with homework and putting my son to bed and missed it. I still can't believe she stood outside in the 12 (feels like 7 with the wind chill) weather to take these! Aren't they great?! Check out her other website, (couldn't get those darn one-word links to work!) to see her awesome knit, crochet, and sewing projects.


Bezzie said...

Ann M. Martin!!! That's Babysitter Club chick! Wow. She's moved on to heavier topics. Who would have thought the 80s were so carefree and light? Hee hee! (No, I never read BSC...but I did volunteer a lot in libraries when I was your daughters age up thru middle school--and I was ALWAYS reshelving those books!)

jopal said...

I am your new partner for the crochetoholic swap. Am waiting for mailing and email address from Debb. Will get package out by next week! Sorry for the confusion this swap! Hope it gets better by next month!.

Christina said...

I still have a ton of my Babysitters Club books and Sweet Valley Twins. I love to read and always have. Pi is not as keen on it as me. She likes to read but only when she feels like, which doesn't seem often enough. I'm glad your daughter is a big reader. I've got a soft spot for book worms.

I got to see the eclipse last night. Went out in my PJ's when the moon was half shadowed and then again when it was blood red. Awesome sight. My camera couldn't handle a picture in the dark like that though.

naida said...

isnt it great when the kiddies love to read? my 2 love reading too, my son anything mystery/ufo, my daughter is obessed with Junie B Jones right now.

the Luna Eclipse was very cool to see.

enjoy your weekend.

Christina said...

Hey again! Yeah, the stress factor of working in a job that deals with criminals is high. After I graduated, Rikers Island, the prison here, wanted to hire me. But the pay wasn't all that good for the stress involved. One day, I'll go back to it, but not just yet.

Also, you asked about the boroughs. NYC is divided into 5 parts, called the boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island (the red-headed step-child). In each borough, there are still separate neighborhoods. FOr the most part, each borough could easily be its own city. Brooklyn used to be!

The city is so big, I don't know all of it...not even close. I almost never step foot in the Bronx because I don't know anyone who lives there. I only go to Staten Island for the mall. I visit Queens once in awhile since I have family there. I work in Manhattan and live in Brooklyn. My husband isn't from here originally and swears that Manhattan is the only cool place in NYC. I love Manhattan, though its super price!

Wow, hope I didn't spout off at the mouth too much!

Crochetoholic said...

Laura...hello, you may want to send Jopel your address..she seems to not be getting any of my the babysitters clubs books...great for the kids... :)

Katrina said...

Really nice pictures. Very cool. I thought about you today when I was at Target. Their $1 section had a lot of the 'Car' theme stuff. (Wallets, pens/ pencils, notepads, etc...) I just love that section at Target. I was so tempted to buy some stuff for my son but I resisted. Thanks so much for the comments about my projects on my blog. I'm just so crazy about sewing that it thrills me when other people like what I do. My desire is to start selling items on Etsy. I have to start getting some things made up so I can have a few pieces to start with. I'll keep you in mind if I make something else with the Monkey Flannel. I believe I have some more. I think I used all the pink corduroy but my stash, more like mountain of fabric, is so big that I have lots of other things that can go with it.