Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Few Little Things

Thank you to everyone for your nice comments and suggestions about the wedding expenses - it means a lot to me. My sister offered to let me borrow the money for the dress alterations, and I'm going to sell my collection of loom knitting books (nothing wrong with loom knitting - I just haven't done any since I learned how to crochet) and use the proceeds towards my salon expenses. I have a couple of textbooks I can sell, too.

In crochet-related news, I was looking at the new items on, and saw they have more new yarn/colors posted - Lion Brand, Caron, Lily Sugar N' Cream. I fell in love with these crochet labels though - I think they are just too cute! They have knitting labels too. The crochet labels are going on my wish list of crochet things to buy when I'm working again.

I also found out that Lion Brand has a new yarn blog, Lion Brand Notebook. Check it out here.

Finally, another blog I like, Five Minutes for Mom, is having a Two Weeks of Toys Giveaway - visit their website to enter. I love their giveaways - I actually won a $400 (pink!) Dyson vacumn cleaner through their website last fall. Ironically, I have almost all hardwood floors in my house, but the vacumn cleaner is still great for the carpeted stairs and sunporch and rugs.

Thanks again for everyone's comments and suggestions. I may have some more baby projects for the band basket to post soon.


Laurah said...

Those labels are so cute! Plus they are crochet themed. I was going to order some but it said 'out of stock'. I'll definitely check back though. Love seeing all the links from your blog. You always know interesting places to visit. The Lion Brand blog is nice. I like The Knitted Mile blog post.

naida said...

those crochet labels are so cute!!

Christina said...

Those labels are really cute! I really need to start putting labels in my work.

Thanks for the link to the Lion Brand blog. I would have never seen that otherwise.

Bezzie said...

I like that brown and pink label.

Hey, can I ask you to email me fun things to do in Cleveland if you're a 26 y.o. single girl? I've got a friend moving their in November and she's stumped as to what to do (and she's sick of everyone suggesting the R&R hall of fame!) Ha ha!