Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, I still haven't heard anything from the nonprofit organization about that job. : ( I called the supervisor last Monday, and left a message for her, but she hasn't called me back yet. When I called, her number rang once and then went straight to voice mail, and when I called again on Tuesday (I didn't leave a message that time) it did the same thing, so I'm hoping she was just on vacation or out of town last week (she travels a lot for her job).

Nevertheless, I'm discouraged because I talked to another lady I listed for a reference, and she told me no one from the organization has contacted her for a reference. It appears then that the organization only contacted my last job (I listed one of my former coworkers, and the HR department). That was on June 17th, and now it's almost July, so I think things aren't looking too good as far as me getting the job. Oh well. I've seen a few other job openings elsewhere that look promising, so I've been applying for other jobs. I just need to find something quickly.

I finally got my check for the grants proposal project, so my kids and I went to the movies yesterday. We're fortunate to have a movie theater within walking distance of our house. We went to see Wall-E. It was a cute movie, although it did take awhile to get to the point. The kids really liked it though, and they were excited because they each got a free Wall-E watch and some trading cards with their tickets.

I also sold a textbook on Ebay, so I used the money to order some yarn online from I bought the last ball of TLC Cotton Plus I need to finish my Cupcake sweater, so I'm going to try to finish it this week and post pictures. While looking for yarn on Knitting-Warehouse, I saw that they have a bunch of pretty new yarns: Red Heart Collage Yarn, Red Heart Designer Sport Yarn, Red Heart Heart & Sole yarn (sock yarn - good for you knitters out there!), Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn, and Red Heart Zoomy Yarn. Here's a link- (I couldn't get the one-word link to work right).

Anyway, thank you everyone who left such kind comments in response to my post last week. My husband started his welding classes last Monday. They're going well, but he's pretty much been sleeping all the time when he's home. I'll be glad when the classes are done.


Christina said...

Sorry to hear the job doesn't look promising. I hope something better comes up. Wall-E looks pretty cute. I'm glad your kiddos enjoyed it. Can't waiyt to see the cupcake sweater when you're all done.

Bezzie said...

Bah. I hate it when they don't have the common courtesy to tell you didn't get the job. But I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason...

naida said...

sorry to hear the job isnt looking too good. you'll find something, just hang in there.

I heard Wall-E was cute, glad you guys enjoyed it.
glad you sold the book on ebay and got some new yarn, cupcake sweater sounds cute :)

Katrina said...

Hang in there. Everything will work out. I truly believe that!!!

Reading that you took your kids to the movies made me think about the Summer Free Family Film Festival. You may have heard of this. Every week during the summer (2 days a week) they offer free movies (G & PG rated) I checked in your area but the Regal Cinema in Columbus wasn't offering it. There were other theaters in the following cities in OH: Beavercreek, Elyria, Lima, Mason, Medina, New Philadelphia, Richland Heights, Westlake, Youngstown. I don't know if these are within driving distance of where you live though.

Check out the site at:

If my kids were here and if I wasn't so close to delivering then that's what we would be doing.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Oui vey. Life sucks sometimes, huh? Yarn will usually cheer me up, tho. Hope yours does the same for you!