Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

My husband got up early and made (from scratch!) red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (my favorite kind of cake!), and two sweet potato pies. I didn't try the pies - I'll let you in on a little secret (I don't like pie). I know, I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like pie. I love nearly any kind of chocolate dessert, but I don't even like chocolate pies (yes, I'm weird!). Here's what's left of the 32 cupcakes:
Maybe you, my blog readers, can help me with a debate my husband and I have had every Thanksgiving for years: I say that "stuffing" and "dressing" refer to the same exact food, and the two terms are just used in different cultures, that black people (my husband is black, as most of you already know) usually refer to it as dressing, but that white people refer to it as stuffing. My husband insists that's not the case, that stuffing is a dish made with white bread, and that dressing is a dish made with cornbread. I've asked numerous people their opinion, and get different answers. Any and all opinions would be appreciated (I know you'll side with me, right?!), ha, ha!

My husband and kids and I went to my oldest brother's house for dinner, and of course, I couldn't come over without bringing a crocheted gift for his daughter, my adorable 10 month old niece, Jenna. I crocheted her a pumpkin hat from Crochet Today magazine. I was looking at the pattern and realized I had all the yarn colors I needed in my stash (left over from another project). I used Vanna's Choice Baby yarn. I was afraid the hat might be too small, but it fits perfectly. Here's Jenna with her dad, my brother, Joe the Plumber, LOL! It's true! His name is Joe and he has his own plumbing business.
More pics of the hat:

I had a nice time at dinner. The men entertained themselves by passing around dirty emails on their cell phones, while the women had an intelligent conversation about socialism, the economy, and the state of health care in the U.S. Now, which gender is the smarter one?!

My kids had fun too, with their cousins. Here's my Bethany with her cousins, Rosie (with the brown hair), and Alexis (with the red).
Here's another of Bethany, with Jenna: And here's my Dominic playing with his cousin Kaitlyn:
Dominic was whiny because the older girls went in Rosie's room and closed the door, and wouldn't let him in because he's a boy. He didn't want to go play outside with his boy cousins, but he cheered up after Kaitlyn started playing with him. After we got home, he drew this picture for Kaitlyn (I scanned it and emailed it to my sister), LOL!

Well, back to work tomorrow. I had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off this week. It was nice getting to stay home, but I won't get paid for any of the time off (temps at the BOE don't get holiday pay), so that presents a whole bunch of other problems. Sigh...


Bezzie said...

I always thought stuffing v. dressing was a regional thing. I've also heard it depends what you do with it. If you actually stuff the turkey with it--it's stuffing, if you don't, it's dressing.

I've never heard the bread v. cornbread argument. AGain, I've always associated the cornbread with the south.

Alls I know is I'm a born again cornbread stuffing girl! I used to make the normal bread stuff but then about 4 or 5 years ago hubby suggested we try the cornbread/sausage/wildrice/mushroom stuffing and that was it for me! Of course I use 1/2 of it to stuff the turkey and the other half to eat straight up--so that blows the whole stuff v. no stuff/dressing v. dressing argument too doesn't it???

Christina said...

I've never even heard of stuffing being called dressing. Then again, I've never lived anywhere but NY, so I'm not a good judge.

Jenna got so big so fast! Its amazing how quickly they grow. Your pumpkin hat looks perfect on her. I bet she loved it.

Men and their dirty jokes, LOL. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you too.

naida said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving :o)
Those red velvet cupcakes look good (whats left of
Well, for me stuffing is what goes inside the turkey and dressing is what goes on a salad :P

Cute pics of the kids! that pumpkin hat is so cute.

Lesalicious said...

Glad you and your family had a great time. I also agree with you I am not a pie person myself they be looking so good but, only can eat sweat potatoe pies that's it. Love cakes though lol. Love the hat you made great job there.:) Enjoy your days off while you can soon you will be back to work.:)I guess you can say time to crochet up a storm huh? :)

Katrina said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!!! And I'm not even a red velvet cake kinda girl. I think the cream cheese icing got me! Anyway, seems like everyone has a different answer regarding the stuffing vs dressing. Now I say dressing. I don't know if it's because I'm black or because I'm originally from Alabama. I've never heard about because of the type of bread you use. I use cornbread. If someone were to ask me then I would've said that stuffing was the same thing but used to stuffed the turkey. It is funny how people say different things depending on their region. My husband is from Chicago and he teases me all the time because I call any type of athletic shoe a 'tennis shoe'. He says tennis shoes are for tennis and then they have basketball shoes, running shoes... etc. That is just way too much for me. Drink to me is a soda and ofcourse he says Pop. He says I'm country because I'm from the South but he's the one who eats chitterlings (and other things I wouldn't dare go near)!!! Ugh!!! I don't touch the stuff....

I'm glad you got a few days off to spend with your family and enjoy Thanksgiving.

Oooh, reading Bezzie's comment reminds me that I saw a recipe for a cornbread/ sausage/ wildrice/ mushroom stuffing. Maybe I'll try that for Christmas. Even if it is stuffing and I'm from the south!