Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Update

Well, I started back at work at the BOE on Monday. Can you believe it??? They laid off 13 of us last Tuesday, then Thursday, the Secretary of State ordered them to lay off the remaining 10 temps, which they did, and told them not to expect to come back until around the first of the year. But then they called us on Friday afternoon they called all of the temps from my area, plus a lot of the laid off temps from the absentee ballot department, to start working on voter history for the November 4th election.

There's about 50 of us sitting in a big room working on poll books assembly-line style. When I was in my regular department, the supervisors didn't mind if temps talked, listed to I Pods, etc., were a couple of minutes late to work, etc. as long we got our work done, but now the supervisors are walking around staring at us all day, glaring at anyone who talks, coming down on anyone who's even a few minutes late to to work, and pushing us to work faster. Supposedly they have a deadline to get the voter history done, but I suspect they just want us to get done as quickly as possible so they can lay us off again (the head of HR keeps stopping by to find out how much work we've completed so far).

Unfortunately, I found out that I probably won't qualify for unemployment pay once I'm laid off for good, because I've only been at the BOE about 13 weeks so far (I would need 20 weeks of covered employment - i.e., working for an employer who pays into the state unemployment fund), and my previous employer was a church, which aren't required to pay into the state unemployment fund. I'm trying hard to find another job before this BOE one ends. I am glad to be back at work in the meantime.

I took an employment test for a temp job with the Census Bureau today. It was being held at my alma mater, Cleveland State (conveniently located a few blocks down the street from the BOE). One of my temp coworkers (another CSU graduate) and I walked down there today at lunch time to take the test.They have some thousands of jobs open, but most of them are "field" positions - going door to door surveying people, for $9.99 an hour (really! They pay $9.99 an hour!). No thanks - that sounds like too much stress and aggravation - being outside all day in bad weather, dealing with people who might be rude, nasty, crazy, or perverted, being sent into rough neighborhoods, working nights and weekends and holidays. They do have some office positions open, but not as many. Most people want the office jobs, so I don't know how much luck I'd have getting one, but I figure it doesn't hurt to try.

I don't have any crochet projects to show - I'm working on something for a coworker, and I'll post pictures when I'm done, but I do have something else crochet-related. I came across this on a fellow blogger's website and think it's important (not to mention pretty alarming) for any crafters who sell their work to read.


Christina said...

Glad to hear you've got some work at least through the holidays.

Wow, I hadn;t heard this about the handmade toys. That is really alarming for small crafty businesses. Who can afford all that testing?

Bezzie said...

Yeah that handmade toy regulation uproar is all over the blogosphere. No one regulates the crap coming in from China do they? But when I buy a peanut oil finished wood pull toy from a guy in my town at a craft fair--well let's make sure he's all certified! Insert eye rolling here.

Glad you've got some work thru the holidays!!

Good luck with the census! You might want to think about one of those field work positions. Yeah it would be crap, but it would get your foot in Uncle Sam's door. That's half the battle of getting a gov't job!!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

I hope everything works out with the census!!! That would be great news...

Love all the cute things you've made lately, especially the ADORABLE poncho and recipient!

naida said...

glad to hear you did get called to go back to work.
hope things get better over there.
I hope you get the office job. *crossing fingers*

I didnt hear about the new handmade toys having to be tested, oh my gosh!