Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bad News

Well everyone, I got let go from my job on Wednesday. I was kind of expecting it to happen, so it didn’t come as a total shock. I’m also scared about how my husband and I are going to manage on just his income until I find another job. I’m also feeling like a total loser for losing my job in the first place, although I was unhappy there for a long time, and should really have found another job a long time ago.

I was expecting to be paid for my unused vacation time (nearly 4 weeks), but the HR department decided that the time was “unearned”, meaning that it accrues throughout the year, so they are not going to pay me for it. Oh well. I got my last paycheck on Thursday. I have a little over $15,000 in a pension fund (not bad for only having been there 3 years), but I could only withdraw it if it were less than $10,000. Basically the money will stay in my account until I turn 55. I contributed a small amount of money to an annuity while I was working, and will probably be able to withdraw that, so that will help a little, plus my husband and I will be getting our tax rebate money in May. If you go the IRS ( website, there’s a chart showing when the rebates will be sent. People who got their tax refunds direct-deposited will get their tax rebate money deposited to the same account. My husband is going to try to pick up as much overtime at his job as he can, and that will help too.

I applied for a few jobs, and am hoping to find a temp job in the meantime. I would really prefer to stay in the nonprofit field, or get into a government job, but if I have to take something with a private company, I will. A friend of mine works for the IRS in Cleveland, and told me they are hiring, so I applied for a job with them. They don’t pay a whole lot to start out, but employees get free bus passes, plus get 3 raises a year, including an annual cost of living increase, which sure beats anything most private companies here in Cleveland are offering, unless of course you work for the famed Lincoln Electric,
which has its headquarters right here in the suburb where I live. Lincoln Electric is famous for its mammoth year-end bonuses, averaging $27,000 per employee. Yep, that’s right - $27,000 per employee. Not to mention that their manufacturing employees often earn six-figure salaries. Of course, the good pay means you practically need a shoehorn to get in there. Well, I can always fantasize about earning that much money, LOL! Right now I’d be happy with anything that pays enough to cover my bills. My husband's company though, is going to be paying for him to take a welding course at Lincoln Electric in May, and hopefully once he completes the training, he'll get a nice raise.

Well, since I got my final paycheck for a while, I paid as many bills as I could, and bought my kids some spring/summer clothes, since they’ve outgrown nearly all of their clothes, and I figured I’d better get them some clothes now before I’m completely broke and can’t afford any at all. My husband and I went to a kids’ resale shop, Once Upon a Child.
I love that store! I always find so many great deals there. They only sell clothes that are in like-new condition (some stuff is brand new) and in style. I got my kids 20 shirts, 14 pairs of shorts/pants, 2 jackets,1 dress, and a couple of toys. The grand total? $189.00 including sales tax (yep, here in Ohio we pay sales taxes on everything except for food). I think that’s pretty darn good, and a heck of a lot cheaper than what I would have spent at the mall. And everything was name-brand, mall-store type clothes – Gymboree, Tommy Hifiger, J. Lo. (didn’t realize she even has a line of kids’ clothes), Talbots Kids, Limited Too, etc. A lot of my daughter’s friends shop at places like Limited Too, and I checked out their prices, but I can’t see spending $25 for one kids' shirt. Fortunately Bethany doesn’t mind wearing second-hand clothes.

My favorites are this dress and pants for Bethany, and shirt for Dominic - I love bold, bright, colorful prints. The dress is new, and was only $7.50, the pants were $5.50 each, and the shirt was $3.50.

Bethany and I also met my sister downtown today. She was going to the salon to get her hair colored, and a trial hairstyle run for her wedding. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me to take pictures. She was at the salon for a long time, so Bethany and I walked over to our one shopping center in downtown Cleveland, Tower City Center to get some lunch. I bought Bethany a dress from the Children’s Place to wear to the wedding rehearsal dinner: The tag on the dress had it as marked down to $14.99 from the original $29.99, but when the cashier rang it up, it came it at $10.99. The matching headband rang up as only $1.99. The Children’s Place is one of the few non-resale shops where I will buy my kids’ clothes, because they are not that expensive to begin with, and they have such fantastic sales. I love that they put their clothes on clearance while they are still in season, so I can actually buy spring clothes on clearance in the spring. I also get coupons from them in the mail, where I can save an additional 15-25% off the already reduced prices.Well, since you’ve been patiently reading so far, I do have a crochet project to show.I finally finished my mom’s poncho that she asked for last spring. I know, that's terrible. I should have made her one a long time ago. I started it in the fall, and got bored with it halfway through, and put it aside. Now that I have some extra time since I’m not working, I pulled it out and finished it. Hopefully it will be big enough – my mom gained a lot of weight when she quit smoking. I used a K hook, 6 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky in “Nature’s Way” and a partial skein of Softee Chunky in “New Denim Heather” for the trim. Since I just did the poncho in boring double crochet, I wanted a fancy border. I got the border design from the book “Cozy Crochet”. It was actually a thread crochet design. I’m probably going to hold onto it until Mother’s Day, and give it to her then.
I’m also trying to finish up my sister’s wedding shawl. I should be done with it in a few days. I’ll post pictures when I’m done.


Christina said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your job letting you go. Its especially messed up that you don't get your vacatiion pay. Hopefully, you'll find something sooner rather than later and it will be even better!

That's an awesome deal you gpt fpr your kids clothes! You can't beat those prices for those brand names. Pi still doesn't know much about brand names (except Bobby Jack), so I can get away with buying her clothes at Target.

The pincho is great! Your mom is going to love it.

Deneen said...

I am so sorry about your losing your job and am sending good thoughts your way.

We don't have any second hand clothing stores around here. I used to buy from ebay, but now that postage has gone up so much, it doesn't make it a great deal anymore and is cheaper to buy new stuff. Every year my dd has a growth spurt this time of the year and it's tough because she won't wear jeans in the summer and it's not quite warm enough for spring clothes. All the knees blow out at once, etc. I also found, because my daughter is tall and has a little round heiney (most kids don't have a butt, mine does), jeans are a bear to get her. The expensive ones fit her awful, the low waist annoys her. Target jeans are the only ones that fit her perfectly (the embroidered ones). I went to TCP last week and got her a pair to get through til it warms up and she hates em-too big in the waist and too tight across the butt.

I do try to get to Marshall's and stuff and buy the Aeropostale, Roxy and Limited stuff there. She started having preferences to some stuff, but only because of colors and stuff (I think), although she asked to get Uggs next year-sigh. She's super fussy too about how something feels on and will say she likes something and then Ibuy it and then she wears it and the sleeve annoys her (just happened with a limited top she loved in the store and tried on). It seems to never end.

I did sell all her decent summer stuff from last year on ebay last week and it sold for about $80, which was great for me because I had nothing else to do with it anyway.

Laurah said...

That's too bad about the job! Hopefully you will find something tons better, or at least with out an evil boss.
Great clothes deals! That's actually really good prices. I like the bold, bright colors, too. Must have been fun to have a day to shop with your daughter and spend some time with your sister.

Katrina said...

Hi Laura, I was going to respond to your previous post and was shocked to read this one about you losing your job. I'm sorry to hear about that. However, it may be a blessing in disguise. I'm praying that this will open up an opportunity for a better, fulfilling and higher paying job to come your way!!!! Thinking of you and your family and hoping that everything will work itself out.

Wow, you really got some great deals on clothes. That was a beautiful dress you got your daughter. You can't beat those prices!

Gretchen said...

1. Sucks that you lost your job. Here's hoping you find one with nicer coworkers and higher pay ... soon!

2. We love Once Upon A Child ... just took a load of stuff in on Friday and bought a few things, too. Don't forget that this month is prime time for the church consignment sales - you can get some outrageously good deals there, especially if you either go extra early, or right before closing when people are ready to deal.

3. I've got a huge yarn stash that is unlikely to get used up, mainly because I tend to do larger projects. I know you do a lot of smaller stuff ... so if you want to go "shopping" in my stash, let me know. It would clear out room in my studio for stuff I might actually use, and it would give you some fun new stuff to play around with while you're in between jobs. And I still owe you that Cotton Ease - remember?

Bezzie said...

HOW weird!!! I was just reading about Lincoln Electric when I was researching a steel company we might be picking up as a client. Apparently they've worked with LE.

If you get the IRS job, I'll have to induct you into my fake-union, the Federal Employees Coalition of Administrative Laborers. You can figure out the acronym we use ;-) I'm an inactive member now that my federal job is over.

Hang in there!!

naida said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job Laura. (((hugs))) I hope you find something better for you. Dont even get me started on H.R.,they can be such a pain in the 'you know what'.

About the kiddie clothes, very nice and great deals.

pretty poncho :)

Lesalicious said...

Sorry about your job. Love the great clothes you got for the kids. Lovely poncho. :)