Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thank You

I just want to thank everyone who left such kind and encouraging comments on my last post about losing my job. I am very much appreciative. I've been feeling depressed about my job situation the past few days, but reading your comments really helps me feel better.

I have an appointment with a temp agency on Friday, so hopefully I can at least find something through them. My husband got his current job (he was laid off from his last job) through a temp agency (they hired him permanently after a few months), and it's a great job - much better than anything he anticipated getting, so I'm trying to feel hopeful about also going through a temp agency.

Now, on to some good news...my son went to an appointment with a urologist yesterday, and it turns out that his testicles are fine. So, no surgery is needed. That's a huge relief for me.

Also, I found out that Caron has a new line of natural blend yarns - check it out at http://www.naturallycaron.com/. They look really fantastic - such pretty colors. Must_resist_the_urge_to_buy_more_yarn_while_I'm_not_working, LOL!


Deneen said...

Good news with your son. Where my husband used to work, they used temps and if one was good, hired her on and his old place of employment paid well-win/win for all involved.

I wonder how much the new yarn will cost a skein? Knit Picks has a cotton (75% pima cotton and 25% acrylic) and has 12 colors/$2.79 a ball with 109 yards.

I love TLC Cotton Plus, but can't wait to see this new yarn in person (and will have to, at some point, buy the Knit Picks)

Laurah said...

That great your son does not have to have surgery! I hope the temp agency gives you the same results as your husband.
Thanks for the Caron link. I love their yarns and like you, this is just one more thing to try to resist! Pretty colors...

Bezzie said...

Promise yourself you'll buy a few skeins when you find a job. If you know it's coming--it's easier to resist!

naida said...

hi, glad your son is ok.

good luck with the job hunting.

Christina said...

Woot! I'm so glad your son doesn't need surgery! That's wonderful news! Good luck with the temp agency...a bunch of peeps at my job came through temp agencies too.

Lesalicious said...

Woo Hoo that's great news for your son. I hope all went well with your hubby and that temp. I lot of great jobs comes from temps. SO good luck. Oh needed that link I love CSS:)