Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Well, as if things couldn't get worse... my husband had a minor accident this morning on his way home from work. We had a big snowstorm here in the Cleveland area yesterday, and the roads were still a mess this morning. As he was getting off the freeway exit ramp near our house, my husband hit a bank of snow and ice in our minivan, slid out, and hit a fence. Thankfully he was OK, and the van only had a few scratches. The van was stuck in the snow though, so I called the police after my husband called me, and fortunately they sent a car within a few minutes. Of course, the police said if they pulled the van out, they would have to take it to the impound lot, and it would cost $75 for my husband to get it out. Why they would impound it when my husband has no warrants, or outstanding traffic tickets or anything like that, I have no idea.

The police told him they could call for a private tow truck, but they didn't even need to call, because the tow truck operators were out like vultures, looking for people stuck in the snow. A tow truck was driving by, saw the accident, and came over before the police even had a chance to call for one. My husband didn't have any cash on him, but luckily a good friend of his who lives nearby was able to come and pay the tow truck driver so my husband could get home. The driver only had to pull my husband out of the snow bank, and he was able to drive the rest of the way home, but even that still cost $85. My husband called our auto insurance company and found out that they (despite what the tow truck driver claimed) would have paid for the tow. At least he can submit the receipt to the insurance company and get reimbursed, although I wonder if the insurance company would use it for an excuse to raise our rates?

Anyway, I'm just glad my husband is OK (although he's pretty shook up because this is his first accident in the over 20 years he's been driving), and the van didn't get wrecked. I ended up having to miss work today though, because my husband got home so late, and he didn't want to go back out in that snow and ice anyway. He already nearly got stuck pulling into our driveway with the foot (yes, a foot) of snow that fell overnight.


Christina said...

I'm glad hubby is ok! Hopefully the insurance company won't raise the rates!

Amoonsinger said...

If you have the coverage the insurance company doesn't usually raise the rates for something like this, usually.

Many insurance companies use to pay the vendor, but changed their policy's and now pay directly to the customer who then has to pay the vendor. You would be surprised at how many customers have told me, nope not going to pay you, get it from the insurance company. This is even after telling me, yep we got the check. Then we have to do collections and that costs us a portion of that amount due us for the work our company does. (not tow truck)

So it is easier to get the money from the customer and let them deal with the insurance company. Didn't use to be that way, but those companies don't much care. Heavy losses this way can kill a small business.

So glad to hear the hubby wasn't hurt in that accident. Seems your local police department sure has a scam going with that impounding thing. Now I wonder about our local police. I will have to call and ask.

Anyway, just thought you might want to know one reason. We just tell people that we will give them an invoice and they can take it to their insurance agent. Oh be sure to keep a copy of it, just in case.

naida said...

hi Laura, glad your hubby is ok.