Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on Baby Genna

Just an update on my niece, who's still in the hospital. Although she was a full-term baby, the doctors think her lungs weren't full developed when she was born. She also has jaundice, and now today my brother (Joe) and sister-in-law (Gehan) found out that she's having a buildup of bile, and is probably going to need a blood transfusion. Gehan is planning to breast feed, but isn't allowed to feed the baby right now (she's on an IV), so she's really engorged and sore. I didn't breast feed either of my kids (although in retrospect I probably should have), but I know how it feels when the milk comes in, and I don't envy her! She's been able to pump and freeze the milk though, which is good.

My mother got to see the baby in the hospital, and said she looks like just like Gehan - no resemblance to my brother, LOL! Her older sister - my brother's stepdaughter, looks just like a little "Mini-Me" of Gehan. She's a really cute kid, and Gehan is pretty, so I'm sure the baby is very cute too! I talked to Gehan on Saturday and she's just really stressed out and ready to bring the baby home. Hopefully she will get to come home soon.

I really appreciate everyone's kind thoughts, comments, and prayers - it means a lot to me. Thank you!

I have some crocheting stuff to write about too, but it'll have to wait until tonight, after my kids go to bed, and I have more time to write.


Christina said...

I'm still praying for little Genna! Hope things work out very soon.

Bezzie said...

Ooo..I feel for your SIL's boobs. That's the pits. And those hospital grade pumps are super suckalicious. Ouch!

Genna sounds like a sister I have--came out just a little underdeveloped enough to give you a few gray hairs, but nothing serious.

Lesalicious said...

Awwww poor baby, you know she is in my thoughts and prayers, hope soon she will be better. I hate to hear about a child being sick it make us all as a parent feel so helpless. Hope all goes well.

Laurah said...

Sending good thoughts your way.

naida said...

Hi Laura, sending prayers your way.