Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm a New Auntie!

My sister-in-law, Gehan had her baby a little while ago! She had a little girl, named Jenna Sadine (at least that's what I think I heard my brother say on my voice mail, LOL!). They changed the name so many times I didn't know what they had decided on. She's 21 inches long, and almost 9 pounds - a big baby! My brother and his wife are both tall though - my brother is 6 foot tall (the opposite of my measly 5 feet!) so I figured the baby would be big. My brother is thrilled because this is first daughter. He has two stepsons (who he's raised since they were babies), and a biological son from his first marriage, and his wife has a son and a daughter from her first marriage. So, they have 6 kids between the two of them - almost like a real Brady Brunch, LOL!

Lucky Gehan had a quick labor - went in today at 3PM to be induced, and had the baby about 7:40PM. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my water broke at work two weeks before my due date (yes, at work!) around 3:30PM. I went to the hospital and was induced (because I wasn't having contractions), and didn't have her until almost noon the next day, after she was born face first - yep, face first, instead of head first. There were a hoard of doctors, nurses, and residents in my hospital room who stopped in to watch her being born, because they had never seen a baby born that way. It was no excitement for me though - I was so irritated from everyone staring at me and poking at me, plus the way she came out just made the labor so much more excruciating. I had a much easier labor with my son - I went a week over my due date, so I asked my doctor to induce me. I went in about 6 in the morning, and had him about 3PM the same day - much easier. The only unusual thing that happened was (and this still bothers me now) was when the anesthesiologist, an Asian guy, came in to give me an epidural, looked at me, looked at my husband, and then said to me, "Who is THIS guy?", like my husband was just some black man who wandered in off the street to watch a random white woman giving birth! I told him "My HUSBAND!". There's some ignorant people in this world!

Anyway, I'm glad the baby is finally here! I hope she won't outgrow the bathrobe (I gave it to Gehan at her bridal shower) and the dress I'm working on too quickly! I'll post pics of the baby when I get some.


Christina said...

Congrats on being a new Auntie!!!
Let the spoiling begin!!!

Bezzie said...


Chunky tried coming out face first...sort of, but got stuck!

Those 9lb babies are always born to my friends and they get to wear what I knit for like 20 seconds before they outgrow it!

naida said...

Congrats on being an Auntie :) that is wonderful!